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Wooden hamster/mice hutch

Our High quality hamster hutch offers your sweetheart a perfect and species-appropriate home. 

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Wooden hamster/mice hutch 

Product Description 

Condition: B-Ware

The plexiglass may contain scratches or adhesive residue.

Our High quality Kleintierstall offers your sweetheart a perfect and species-appropriate home.

By ramps all floors can be reached easily.

Three plexiglass window allow you a direct insight into all levels.

The ceiling of wire mesh ensures freshness and supply air can be completely opened.

A removable drawer facilitates the cleaning of the stable floor.



Compact designGreat freedom of movement through multiple floors

Floors accessible by ramps

Platforms provide a shady spot

Showcase freely positionable

Hinged roof grid ensures an adequate air supply

Showcase of plexiglass

Built drawer facilitates cleaning

Also suitable for other rodents


Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions LxWxH: 115 x 60 x 56.5 cm

Cottage LxWxH: 19.5 x 19.5 x 16.5 cm

Floor height: 16 cm

Ramp width: 9 cm

Drawer H: 4.5 cm

Material: Wood

Color: natural

Mesh size: 15 mm

Weight: 16 kg


1 Rodent with three floors

2 ramps

1 Assembly Instructions