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Hexagon hamster cage made of wood

This great Kleintierstall provides your loved ones a perfect and species-appropriate home. Four plexiglass window provide a direct insight into all levels. The ceiling of wire mesh ensures freshness and supply air can be completely opened. A removable drawer facilitates the cleaning of the stable floor. 

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Hexagon hamster cage made of wood


6 sided shape

Great freedom of movement through multiple floors

Sturdy wooden construction

Floors by 3 ramps accessible

House freely positionable

Hinged roof grid ensures an adequate air supply

Showcase of plexiglass

Built drawer facilitates cleaning

Suitable for hamsters, mice and other small animals

Feed bowl and 2 rockers including


Technical specifications:

Total Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 115x60x58 cm

Floor height: 19 cm 37 cm

Ramp width: 8 cm

Mesh size: approx 15x15 mm

Weight: 14 kg

Material: fir wood, plexiglass, wire mesh



1 Rodent with three floors

3 ramps

1 feed bowl

2 rockers

Illustrated assembly instructions