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Framework for climbing plants

  w/h/d: ca. 119/11/1.6 cm weight: ca. 0.9 kg colour: natural wood discreet and modern design for garden, terrace or balcony

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Framework for climbing plants



  • Framework for climbing plants – sturdy decoration for your garden
  • Create a beautiful place for your ivy, flowers, vegetables and the like to grow.
  • With this framework for climbing plants, you give your climbing plants an ideal base from which to develop. 
  • Made of sturdy wood, this framework for climbing plants provides enough space and looks stylish at the same time. 
  • The natural wood colour and modern and clear diamond shape fit into the most diverse environments in the garden, on the terrace or balcony.
  • Frame for climbing plants for gardens, terraces, balconies, etc.
  • Stable wooden construction
  • Modern and practical at the same time
  • Construction for ivy, flowers, vegetables and other climbers
  • Stylish decoration in natural wood colour


Technical Information

  • dimensions (w/h/d): ca. 119/11/1.6 cm
  • weight: ca. 0.9 kg
  • material: wood
  • colour: natural wood


Contents Included

1 x framework for climbing plants