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Wooden trellis garden fence

  w/h/d: ca. 78/14.5/1.6 cm weigh: ca. 0.8 kg colour: natural wood suitable as climbing aid discreet and stylish

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Wooden trellis garden fence



Practical and pretty at the same time – the trellis fence

The sturdy wooden construction offers many potential uses.

Use it as a climbing aid for ivy, flowers, vegetables and more.

Or simply make use of the classic yet modern diamond-shaped design and arrange the fence as a stylish background for potted plants, for example.

Let your creativity run wild and find a pretty spot for the trellis in your garden or on your balcony or terrace.

With its natural wood tones, it'll fit in well anywhere.

Versatile trellis fence for garden, terrace and balcony

Sturdy wooden frame

Simultaneously stylish and practical

Climbing aid for ivy, flowers, vegetables and more

Tasteful decoration in natural wood tones

Technical Information

dimensions (w/h/d): ca. 78/14.5/1.6 cm

weight: ca. 0.8 kg

material: wood

colour: natural wood


Contents Included

1 x trellis fence