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Wooden climbing-plant support trellis

  w/h/d: ca. 118/30/30 cm weight: ca. 1.75 kg max. length: ca. 180 cm nuts and screws: 5 pairs includes wrench

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Wooden climbing-plant support trellis



Decorative trellis garden fence is a real eye-catcher
Made of robust wood, this trellis garden fence conjures up something special in your garden or on your balcony or terrace.

The frame's natural wood tones and diamond shape represent a simultaneously classic yet clean and modern design.

Make the trellis garden fence a stylish back drop for potted plants big and small, use it as a practical and attractive support for climbing plants like ivy, or come up with your own creative idea.

An expandable length of up to 1.8 metres means numerous possibilities.

To make setting the fence up even easier, it comes with the necessary mounting accessories such as screws and wrench.

Visual high light for the garden, terrace or balconymaximum expandable length: 180 cm

Classic design and clean lines

Diamond patttern

Natural wood tones

Robust wooden construction

Includes mounting kit with screws and wrench


Technical Information

dimensions (w/h/d): ca. 118-180/30/30 cm

weight: ca. 1.75 kg

material: wood

colour: natural wood

Contents Included

1 x wooden support trellis for climbing plants for self-assembly, including mounting kit

1 x multilingual instructions (EN/DE/FR/ES)