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New 35" Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House Rabbit Wood Hutch Poultry Cage Waterproof

The rabbit hutch is made of 0.47" Fir-wood for main board so it is rainproof.

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Portable and easy assembly.Roof to protect from water penetration.Works great for rabbits, chickens, ducks, or other poultryThere is a walk up ramp to the living areaLiving area completely off the groundWaterproof roofLarge living house with ventilation slots for better air condition,Keeps your rabbits secure at night


Material: rainproof roof with plywood &PET Staple Fiber Material0.47" Fir-wood boardRainproof drawer

Metal nets0.98" * 1.4" solid fir leg0.71" * 1.5" solide fir frame

Weight:30.9 lbs

Whole size: 35.4" * 16.1" * 32.1"

Cage size without roof:31.5" * 15.7" * 30.7"

Painting: water-based painting on surface

Packing size: 36.2" * 6.7" * 18.5"

Package Include: 1 x cage